Guidance For Doctors

The Government has enacted laws, by which any registered medical practitioner (a Doctor) who wishes to practise in Gibraltar must be in possession of a valid licence issued by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom (GMC). It also requires that the registered medical practitioner should comply with any requirements as to revalidation which are required by the GMC. If the GMC withdraws or suspends theLicence, the practitioner will have to cease practising in Gibraltar

The new law, called the Licence to Practice & Revalidation Rules, was passed in January 2015 and came into effect from the 1st July 2015. The law provides for a transition period until 31st December 2016 for doctors who are unable to obtain a Licence by 31st December 2016. After 31st December 2016 those doctors who do not obtain a Licence to Practice by the GMC will not be able to practice medicine in Gibraltar.

Good Medical Practice

The Board has adopted the General Medical Council’s guidelines, Good Medical Practice (March 2013) as its own code for registered medical practitioners.The General Medical Council’s current professional guidance may be obtained from its website : (view more)

Revalidation for Doctors

In order to maintain their licences, the General Medical Council requires doctors to have their licences revalidated every five years. It is up to each doctor to ensure that

  • he or she has a professional connection with a legally constituted designated body;
  • knows who his/her Responsible Officer is; and
  • undergoes annual medical appraisal  in the manner prescribed by the General Medical Council.


Details on procedures for registration can be found by following the link below

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